Kejriwal gets stinged by his own party members !

The politics is meant to give a proper structural framework to its democratic country. What if its pillars gets cracked from its very roots? What if it goes against the public? What if its very beholders get corrupted? And the sting operations are those bitter medicines given to the public figures to find out their real element and showing their real image to the public. Arvind Kejriwal is one of the patient of this medicine. Before giving a vigilant look on this topic let me put some light to its very history, sting operations are not new, they are a decade and a half old in India and its first initiation was taken by Tahelka on some cricketers to unleash their criminal match fixing actvity. The sea of sting operations are still getting its shores on various fields . And the AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is one of this shores who has drenched himself into this sinful black water. If you look at Kejriwal’s personal designation we might get shortage of words as he is an eminent politician, social activist, former Indian Revenue Service officer and lastly Delhi’s current chief minister. So many designations are embedded to his name but all are looking like glitters after his recent sting operation. Now let us dig into this controversial issue. This sting operation is conducted by his former party members which has ushered Kejriwal’s thought towards his members like Prashant Bhusan, Yogendra Yadav and also voiced his thought to form a new party. Nothing can get worse than a eminent party leader Arvind Kejriwal using degrading language against his own members. While his supporters have defended him by telling that it is a form of defamation. This tape’s authenticity is still unknown and kejriwal also asserted that he had a former legislator Rajesh Garg to conspire to split the Congress as it was not ready to support his party to form the Government in Delhi, while Garg has alledgly reported that this conversation took place in July to August 2014 and Kejriwal has resigned on February 14, 2014 from power after facing the failure to pass an anti graft bail in the Delhi assembly.AAP leader Preeti Sharma Menon told reporters that such tapes are superficial and no such importance should be given to it. After this operationgetting public , Yadav had commented¬†“All I can say that the developments in the last one month have disappointed many. We are fighting to save the soul of the struggle that gave birth to this party,” AAp spokesperson has also commented that it is an irrelevant video and compared Kejriwal to a short tempered young man. Owing to this he shadowed Kejriwal by saying that their conversations are being recorded for the past nine months just to threaten the leader. ThAK-300x300

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One of the footages from the sting operation

One of the footages from the sting operation

is statement reveals that the party was witnessing a harrowing conspiracy against the party’s leadership for some time. When Bhusan heard the tape he was deeply hurt and had no words to explain such spoken words. On the contrary Yadav ¬†very cunningly said ” This is not at all an issue for me, I have no complaints”. The audience has showed a lot of disrespect for Kejriwal after this and ironically 30% of the Delhi residents didn’t believe its authenticity. The APP party members showed their disgrace over this sting operation by resigning from the party, Nutan thakur being one of them. After this revelation kejriwal had chosen to remain silent but he also warned the opposition that he has many sting videos of them and that he would like to share them on 3G platform.Lastly we can say that the ruling Bharatiya Jananta Party quite sarcastically commented that in the past Kejriwal had supported and conducted sting operations but now in his case he is accusing it as defamation.

-Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

-Gargi Ghosh